Performer in Sheffield UK

Chance To Dance Online Festival 2022

Chance to dance online festival 2021

I am glad to be part of CTD Sheffield UK 2021


Strictly Nano Dancing

Strictly Nano Dancing project  was the opening of the Nanotechnology event  part of the Festival of the Mind 2018. This piece explores how science is inspired by nature to develop nanotechnology and researchs how to reduce the waste produced in this process. Starting from the observation of images, choreographers and performers Nisha Lall and Alejandra Caro created this piece.

In two conceptual sessions, they established the general guidelines, including the choreographic motifs, the music, the customes, the props and the spatial design for the specific characteristics of the Spiegeltent.

The choreographers considered aspects such as the study of natural elements and how science adapts small structures of nature to the creation of diverse technologies.

It is possible to apreciate all of this through the four sections that consitute the piece; these sections are performed by a community cast, which participated during the creative process, both rehearsing and proposing ideas.

In this way, the piece installs these topics by means of an artistic interpretation, highlighting the increasing development of eco-friendly methods for nanotechnolgy creation.


Mehfil (The Gathering) by Nisha Lall

I was part of this amazing diverse dance production, working with a community and professional cast,  learning about the influence and fusion of Indian dance and culture with west.

I choreographed “Inspiration” taking movements from Indian Dance and  Ruth St Denis, pioneering female contemporary dancer of 1900s, creating a contemporary piece for Mefhil

This performance was part of Migration Matters Festival Sheffiled 2018.







Work presented by THE DANCE NETWORK SHEFFIELD. It is a series of site-specific pop-up dance performances, created in collaboration with site dance artist GERRY TURVEY. Consisting of independent dance artist living and working in Sheffield, the piece illuminate unusual spaces and places trough dance.  It was shown as part of Desing Week, Tramlines Festival,  Sensoria Festival and Off The Shelf at summer and autumn at 2015




It is a community group based in SHEFFIELD, focused on the Latin American dances.




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